Susan xiujuan Ji

Cell: (415) 702-7008
E-mail: artcorner@att.net
Class Addrees: 
  • El Cerrito Class
    10675 San pablo Ave. El Cerrito, Ca 94530
  • Hercules Class
    Corpper Beech Gln, Hercules,  Ca 94547


  • Schedule and Attendance :
    Classes are usually held once a week. Thanksgiving and Christmas will be observed.
    Students are required to attend all of their scheduled classes. If for any reason a student cannot attend one of their scheduled classes, the studentˇ¦s parents must notify ArtCorner at least 24 hours in advance. Absences can be made up missed class within 4 month.

  • Tuition:
    Tuition is due on the day of the first lesson of each month. Tuition is paid for 4 lessons per month. During 5-weeks long months, the 5th class can be free. (*fifth week class may be subject to cancellation with advanced notice).

  • Code of Conduct:
    Students are expected to behave with respect toward everyone in class, including the teacher, other students and themselves. Students must behave in a responsible manner. Students who misbehave will be encouraged to find positive alternative forms of behavior. Students may be dismissed from class for excessive talking, disrespectful behavior and/or disrupting the class.

  • Copyright:
    All the pictures on this website have copyright
    , please do not download them without our permission.

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