• The studio emphasizes the importance of developing children’s imagination, creativity and observational abilities toward life.
  •  Academic training on the foundation of drawing and painting techniques.
  • To enhance appreciation for art and masterful pieces of world-renowned artists.

  • To build an impressive portfolio for professional art school applications or extra curricular activity for college applications. 
  • Instructive and strict training yet vivacious teaching methods unique to the style of the study.  
  • 培養兒童的想像力、創造力和觀查生活的能力;注重兒童的耐心与毅力的發展完善,以及藝術修養的逐步形成。
  • 提供專業培訓。學院派画風,敎學严格,注重基本功訓練,注重學生個性發展。
  • 學習觀察,欣賞,写生大自然
  • 站在巨人的肩上,向世界級藝術大师學習
  • 授課内容:兒童画;素描;油畫;粉彩画;油畫棒;水彩;插图;速寫;中國画;彩雕;創作以及 報考大學作品輔導。


Learning from great artists

Outdoor Painting

TG Learning Center

   Class Level

  •  Beginning art classes:
    • Enlighten imagination, beginning with simple shapes, lines and colors. Use of washable markers, crayons, and colorpencils. Children will produce completed art work while having fun!   
  •  Intermediate art classes:
    • Developing imagination and opening up creative minds.  Copy images from various sources, to master basic drawing and painting skills, such as volume, contour, making collages, and sketching using color pencils and watercolors. Learn simple composition.
  •  Advanced art classes:
    • Continue to improve drawing and painting skills, portraits, still life, landscape, illustration, Chinese painting, and more. Will be using pastel, acrylic paint, oil color, and Chinese brush. Thought out observation of life and imagination to do composition. Study techniques from great artists of world history.
  • Student’s learning styles will be assessed and teaching methods will adapt to best fit each individual student. 


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